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Chiesi Spain is now one of the group's most important subsidiaries in terms of turnover.


The company has been operating in this country since 1995 thanks to the acquisition of Laboratorios Wassermann. Subsequently, in June 2003, Chiesi Spain acquired Laboratorios Dreiman, the pharmaceutical division of Laboratorios Alcalá Farma and Advent International Group, a company that operated in the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and women's health areas.



Chiesi now has more than 200 employees in Spain. Its evolution in Spain has exceeded all expectations. In 1995 it was 98th in the pharmaceutical market sales ranking, and it is now around the 40th.


This evolution is fundamentally due to three factors: the launch of innovative products with great therapeutic potential derived from its own R&D, the development potential of its product portfolio and its successful licensing policy.


Chiesi Spain has a large product portfolio that largely focuses on three therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, respiratory and neonatology.

For Chiesi, there can be no competitiveness without innovation and there can be no innovation without research. The company therefore invests large quantities of resources every year to develop or perfect innovative treatments to improve patients' health and quality of life.


The success of this depends on 's ability to rapidly and effectively respond to changing business needs. Since the year 2000, Chiesi Spain has shared the group policy regarding R&D investment and a significant number of phase III clinical trials are ongoing in Spain.


As in the other countries where it operates, the Chiesi Group maintains an active alliance policy in Spain, and has signed agreements with companies with which it shares scientific, strategic and marketing synergies.


Chiesi Spain's turnover in 2013 totalled more than 72 million euros.

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