Chiesi receives the Top Employer 2018 certification for the sixth successive year

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Date: 01/02/2018

Barcelona, February 1, 2018. For six year in arrow, the commitment of Chiesi in the field of Human Resources has been rewarded with the Top Employer 2018 certificate, in Spain and Europe, consolidating the company as leader in the area. The certification, granted by the Top Employers Institute, is an acknowledgment to those companies that achieve the highest standards of excellence in their personnel management policy. It means to the leading companies.

The certification is one more proof of the constant bet and commitment of Chiesi to implement policies that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of its team, providing exceptional working conditions and, supporting and fostering talent and personal and professional development  at all levels of the organization. "We firmly believe that people are the key factor for the future success of the company and therefore the company is fully committed to the area of Human Resources and attributes a strategic weight," says Giuseppe Chiericatti, CEO of Chiesi Spain.


One of the main values of the company is "People in the Center" under this premise, Beatriz Vila, Director of People of Chiesi Spain, affirms that "all the work that we do from the People Department is destined to create an environment of motivational work, for this, among other things, we have a flexible work policies and home based work to favor the conciliation between professional and personal life ".


On the other hand, the company takes into account the importance of the development of its people for this one of the keys that maintains the area of People is to make live experiences to their employees in  first person. In this way, they generate an organizational culture where all people contribute to build and succeed with the company's strategy.


Under this line Beatriz Vila adds that, "in Chiesi Spain we consider crucial the constant development of our people in self-knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurship".


Currently, Chiesi Spain has a team of more than 250 people in a wide variety of jobs and all working with the same goal: to improve the quality of life of the patients. In the last year, the employees of Chiesi Spain has increase to  15% due to the positive turnover and the grow of the portfolio.

Top Employers Institute has granted the certification to Chiesi after an exhaustive analysis of the management of the Department of People and the conditions of its employees, valuing aspects such as; the strategy and objectives, the role of the steering committee, good practices, internal and external programs, opportunities, recognition of its employees, among many others. In addition, it has also been the result of an internal and external verification of the validity of the information and the accuracy of the company's data.