For Chiesi, ‘ethics’ means legality, justice, integrity, responsibility and transparency. Ensuring these ethical standards is one of our priorities in our daily work.


At Chiesi we have always understood that society, the environment and, in general, all those people involved in our activities (collaborators, patients and interest groups) deserve our attention, protection and respect. Hence, we have the firm conviction that we must comply with the highest standards of conduct and consider business ethics and legal conduct as the fundamental pillars to build our reputation and achieve success.


To achieve this, it is necessary to guarantee that the information provided in the framework of the promotion of prescription drugs is complete, immediate and truthful. All this is gestated for the protection and improvement of public health and for the benefit of the Health Administration, as well as the pharmaceutical industry itself.


For these reasons, in addition to the requirements established by laws and regulations, more than ten years ago we adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct. Since 2005, all our subsidiaries have adopted and gradually implemented this code. The Ethics and Compliance Guidelines of the Chiesi Group were drafted to harmonize the process of adopting the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Group and promote the application of common criteria in all subsidiaries for the development of activities.


In Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. It has also implemented a specific program called the Organization Management and Control Model (known as Model 231).


In order to maintain high legal and moral standards, Chiesi implemented an Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy in 2015. The purpose of this policy is to provide, to anyone acting on behalf of Chiesi and in their interest, a set of general principles on how to recognize and address issues of bribery and corruption, and how to comply with related regulations, in accordance with the provisions established in the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Chiesi.




Our rules of internal behavior are: honesty, correction and transparency of the management system, confidentiality, cooperation and development of human resources.