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Chiesi has a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), based on a business model in which research is at the service of people, focusing on the development and launch of innovative products designed to improve patients' quality of life.


Socially responsible policies affect all our employees, from R&D to management, production, marketing or human resources.


The Chiesi Group aims to be recognised as a company that adopts and promotes ethical and transparent conduct on all levels. In order to achieve this, our project focuses on 4 major areas:


  1. Employees. Chiesi has always paid close attention to people and firmly believes that they are the company's most important assets. This is the spirit that has given rise to “People at the Centre", a specific manifestation of the ethical principles that govern our work at Chiesi.

  2. Patients. Chiesi is focused on the patient; one example of this is our initiatives aimed at patients affected by rare diseases. Chiesi actively supports these patients to help them to cope with diseases that can often not be actually cured. The best option is to create better living conditions for them with appropriate psychological support and healthcare.

  3. The Environment. The company began to focus on environmental awareness many years ago. Many of our resources have been used to eliminate the possible impact of our operations on the environment. For us, the key element for continuing to develop measures aimed at controlling and minimising environmental impact is Innovation.

  4. Ethical Code. Chiesi believes that a key factor in its strategy is a business culture that fosters the involvement of all its employees. In an increasing competitive setting, people are of key importance for ensuring differential value and the basis for building an increasingly flexible, dynamic and innovative organisation. In this respect, it has developed an ethical code to be followed by all employees, advisors, stakeholders, agents and third parties in general who act on behalf of Chiesi Spain SA.


Our code of ethics and conduct expresses an undertaking to operate not only legally but also ethically, following our in-house principles.


These principles are: honesty, correction and transparency of the management system, confidentiality, cooperation and development of human resources.