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About Chiesi

Chiesi is an international pharmaceutical group dedicated to investigation, development, production and commercialization of innovative medicines. Since its foundation in 1935 by Italian pharmacist Giacomo Chiesi, the company has a firm purpose: provide innovative pharmaceutical solutions destinated to improve individuals’ quality of life.

The story of a dream…

The history of Chiesi Group dates back to 6th July 1935. Italian pharmacist Giacomo Chiesi, a person with an innate vocation for his occupation, scientific concerns and a great human warmth, bought the Parmesan Pharmaceutical Laboratory. In this undersized provincial laboratory and with just two employees, he started his business adventure.


The commitment and dedication of this pharmacist, shared with his family and spread to all those people that surround him, let him start to grow soon. At the end of the 1970s the first foreign subsidiary was opened. The country chosen was Brazil. Thus, the Italian pharmaceutical company began to make its way internationally.


The legacy of this pharmaceutical entrepreneur is still alive thanks to his sons Alberto (President of Chiesi Group) and Paolo (Vice-president and Director of Group Chiesi’s R&D). With them, Chiesi has become in an international group with more than 5,800 employees that operates in five continents and that it is continuous expansion.


What started as a personal dream, more than 85 years ago, with only two employees is today a collective reality with more than 5,800 employees around the world.

After more than 85 years, this pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Parma (Italy) has become in an enterprising and innovative multinational with special focus in the respiratory, neonatology and rare diseases areas.


Chiesi Group has a firm commitment with those patients with prevalent chronic diseases, especially in the respiratory area, but also those that suffer from rare diseases with non covered necessities. Outcome of this commitment, the company constantly invests in research and development.


With his products and services, it contributes day by day to improve millions of people’s quality of life.


Meanwhile, this pharmaceutical laboratory creates value through his commitment to ethics, transparency and talent.


Indeed, its successful results are the outcome of the implication of a team composed by more than 6,500 people.


From them, a large percentage does it in the field of top-level research.


For more information, visit www.chiesi.com

Science is in our DNA

Chiesi Spain


Chiesi bet for Spain in 1995. Since then, it invests large amounts of resources each year to develop and perfect innovative treatments to improve patients’ health and quality of life.


Nowadays, Chiesi Spain has become one of the main subsidiaries of the group in terms of billing.

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Chiesi started to operate in our country with the acquisition of Wassermann Laboratories in 1995. In June 2003, Chiesi Spain acquired Dreiman Laboratories, the pharmaceutical division of Alcalá Farma Laboratories and the Advent International Group.


In our early years, we were the 98th in the sales ranking of the pharmaceutical sector. We are now between 40 first levels. But we have maintained a constant evolution. So that nowadays we are located around 40th place. In terms of billing, this turns Chiesi Spain in the fifth subsidiary from the Group at European level and the sixth at world level. Also, we are ranked 20th at MERCO ranking of sanitary reputation of pharmaceutical laboratories (2).


In 2018, we reached a turnover of more than 100 million euros for the first time.

This progress is fundamentally due to some factors: the launch of innovative products with a great therapeutic potential obtained from the own R&D and the development of the whole potential of its products portfolio.


The achievements of Chiesi Spain are related to our fast and effective answer’s capacity to the changes of the business needs.


Since 2000, we have joined the group policy regarding investments in R&D. Hence, there is a significant number of clinical trials developed in Spain. In particular, Chiesi has 16 clinical and observational trials active in 2017 in Spain in different therapeutic areas (transplantation, respiratory, gastroenterology, rare diseases and neonatology).


We also maintain an active policy of alliances and we have signed agreements with companies and start-ups with which we share scientific, strategic and commercial synergies.

Chiesi in numbers

With a consolidated turnover of 1,571 million of euros, we are among the 50 best pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our production activity is carried out in 3 plants located in Parma in Italy, in Blois in France and in Santana de Parnaiba in Brazil.


We export to more than 90 countries with a direct presence in 26.


There are more than 5.6000 people from Chiesi around the world, of which approximately more than 10% are dedicated to research and development activities.