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CHIESI Foundation.

The Chiesi Foundation was established in 2005 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA.


The Foundation's mission is to spread scientific knowledge in the research sectors that are of special importance for the company, such as neonatology, respiratory and some niche diseases, and to support the company's interests in Social Responsibility. www.fondazionechiesi.org Chiesi commitment in Spain Chiesi Spain has developed a CSR project based on three factors: Commitment to the way of doing Business, Commitment to the organisation's People and Commitment to Society, because “Our Commitment is Yours”.


Each of these points is led by different committees that propose and organise activities consistent with each area: Commitment to the way of doing Business: Work in line with good governance, communication and transparency in the way of doing business. Commitment to the organisation's People: Focused on caring for employees, such as, for instance: healthy habits, promoting internal relations through gamification, etc. Commitment to Society: Fostering collaboration with the nearest social REALITY.


The goal is to involve people from throughout the organisation who voluntarily wish to participate in the proposed activities, with their time, their energy, their efforts and their commitment. Objectives and challenges The main objective of the Chiesi Commitment is to ensure that voluntary work forms part of the DNA of all the people in the organisation. The following activities have taken place to date: Improving the facilities at a school located in one of the most vulnerable parts of Barcelona, with the active participation of Chiesi team members.


Active participation in grape harvesting at a Special Job Centre with people with mental disabilities St George's day at Chiesi Spain: free book and rose  Collection of mobile phones to collaborate with a foundation focused on patients with rare diseases Collection of plastic caps nationwide to help children who need special treatments or equipment. This initiative collaborates with the Seur Foundation. Collection of personal or intimate hygiene products for people at risk of social exclusion in the most vulnerable districts of our area. This initiative collaborates with the Red Cross.  Collection of toys and food for a foundation aimed at helping the most vulnerable families in the area.  Involvement in a charity race to fundraise for research on rare and ultra-rare diseases. Unloading of trucks from the European Food Bank. “Change of Wardrobe”: donation of clothes to different organisations