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Chiesi's commitment in R&D: Research areas

At Chiesi, we consider contributing to the development of innovative solutions which improve patients’ quality of life as a part of our commitment.

More re than 20% of our global turnover is dedicated to R&D. Our main research areas are respiratory, neonatology and rare diseases.
Thanks to our commitment to R&D, coupled with innovation, the excellence of our employees and our strong skills, Chiesi has reached important milestones. In fact, our company has become a benchmark in R&D in areas such as respiratory, neonatology and rare diseases. Associations and partnerships are an integral part of our innovation strategy. We work within a network of strategic alliances in which we include other pharmaceutical companies, medical centres of excellence, public and private institutions, and start-ups, among others.

The European Commission Ranking of the indicators of industrial investment in R&D in 2017/2018 includes the 2,500 private sector companies that invest the largest amounts of money in research and development in the world. These companies, based in 46 countries, invested a total of €736.4 million, representing approximately 90% of the R&D financed by companies around the world.

Chiesi managed to place itself in the global ranking for that financial year in position 41 within the top 50 biopharmaceutical companies. This would be reflected in the financial percentage dedicated to R&D that would correspond to 22.3%, with an increase in spending of 10.6 points (Δ) and with around €376 million allocated to this relevant work.
In September 2011, the Chiesi Farmaceutici R&D centre was opened in Parma. This exciting project covers an area of 22,000 square metres. In addition to housing the Group’s headquarters, this building was supplied with all the necessary personnel and technologies for the generation and optimisation of “New Chemical Entities (NCEs)”.

The preclinical and clinical development of drugs is carried out in this building, including the manufacturing lines in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard. In addition, the management of all regulatory activities and the global R&D portfolio are developed, which coordinates the activities in the rest of the R&D centres: Paris (France), Rockville, Maryland (USA), Chippenham (UK) and Lidingö (Sweden)

Our R&D centres

Chiesi has more than 540 employees dedicated exclusively to research activities at its own centres around the world. Chiesi’s R&D activity is mainly carried out at centres located in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States.