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The R&D centre was opened in September 2011. It is about 22,000 square metres in size and also houses the Group's headquarters. This centre has all the personnel and technologies required for the generation and optimisation of “New Chemical Entities (NCEs)”.


On the other hand, it includes preclinical and clinical development, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturing lines for drugs, management of all regulatory affairs, and the global R&D portfolio, which coordinates activities in other R&D centres located in Paris (France), Rockville, Maryland (USA) and Chippenham (UK). The new centre was built paying special attention to energy saving and reducing environmental impact. Moreover, the installation of the latest technologies makes jobs more versatile and total automation enables the optimal integration of the processes linked to different stages of research. The completely flexible design also provides multi-purpose spaces, with high synergy between jobs for data management and laboratories.