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R&D in Spain

Spain is one of the most important R&D countries for the Chiesi Group. The country has seen significant growth in investment in clinical studies, scientific production and pharmaceutical development. In fact, Chiesi Spain is among the top 10 countries of the Chiesi Group.
R&D investment chapters in Spain
The spending on clinical studies promoted by Chiesi Spain has experienced strong growth in recent years.

The clinical research of Chiesi Spain focuses mainly on the area of respiratory, neonatology, rare diseases, transplantation and gastroenterology.
Clinical studies
Chiesi Spain has several technological innovation projects.

As a result of collaboration agreements with medical centers, and excellence, Chiesi Spain has developed several technological applications to improve the quality of life of patients with a special focus on improving therapeutic adherence.
Technological Innovation Projects
Chiesi carries out galenic projects to promote the development of innovative treatments to improve the health and quality of life of patients.
Pharmaceutical Development
The dedication and commitment of Chiesi España in recent years has been certified with the inclusion for the first time in the Profarma Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism; Ministry of Economy and Business, and Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The generic objective of the PROFARMA programme is to boost the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector by promoting those activities that are fundamental and that provide greater added value, such as research, development and innovation, as well as investment in new industrial plants and in new production technologies.