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Chiesi's vocation is to search for effective solutions for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Asthma is a condition that now has effective treatments but in which there are still unsatisfied medical needs. They include the development of new technologies to improve the administration of medication and improve patients' therapeutic adherence, thus making their treatment more effective. Chiesi has developed and patented NEXThaler®, an effective and easy to use innovative dry powder inhaler for the treatment of persistent asthma.


NEXThaler® is the first dry power device in extrafine formulation, and thus reaches even the small airways, obtaining a high pulmonary deposit of the active substance, which is very important for ensuring the efficacy of asthma treatments. NEXThaler® is an intuitive and easy to use device, as the inhaling sequence is as simple as possible (open-inhale-close), helping patients to take their treatment. NEXThaler® has an innovative system for checking that the complete dose has been administered, which the patient can hear when inhaling, and an innovative dose counter, so patients can be sure that they have correctly taken the treatment. NEXThaler®, a result of Chiesi's research and commitment to respiratory diseases, is an effective and very easy to use original therapeutic option for patients with persistent asthma.


Thanks to the new Modulite® technology, Chiesi has also developed a new pressurised inhaler, which combines ease of use for patients with effective active substance delivery. The Modulite® technology also guarantees doctors that the drug is delivered to the bronchial tree, with optimal distribution among the central and peripheral airways. As well as developing new products to improve asthma treatment, Chiesi is working to find new and effective treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), where there are still a large number of medical needs. Most Research and Development activities in Chiesi therefore focus on projects aimed to ensure significant progress in the control of this disease, which the World Health Organisation believes will become the third cause of death in 2020. Work is also ongoing on the development of products for other uncommon conditions that nonetheless have a significant impact on the lives of patients and their families. In particular, Chiesi has focused on cystic fibrosis, with the development of products that improve the disease's evolution and the quality of life of these patients. 

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